Online tutoring

There are many benefits to online tutoring.

  • Firstly, online tutoring means that your child can have their lessons in the comfort of your home;
  • Often children are more comfortable using a computer to communicate and are happier to try something challenging;
  • With the use of technology, I am able to use the latest resources and learning aids to help with understanding challenging concepts;
  • Online tutoring is fun. I use a whiteboard, which both myself and the students can work on concurrently. We are able send messages to each other and students can demonstrate their understanding through drawing diagrams;
  • I am able to adapt my sessions on the spot as I have all my resources with me. If a student needs extra practise on a topic, I have other examples that I can use immediately;
  • All sessions can be kept and used as revision aids, This is especially useful when parents want to consolidate the learning that has taken place during the week. They can clearly see exactly what has been covered, with examples and continue in their own tim; 
  • With a world becoming more and more technologically advanced, online tutoring provides a further opportunity for students to use technology and develop digital skills useful for the future.